Ani Avedissian

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Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Paranormal Activity Specialist

The Center for InterDimensional Awareness

Our Mission

"Unite mankind by exploring and honoring our common cosmic heritage."

Achieving our mission

  • We will provide regular Sunday services for those who wish to honor their Cosmic Divinity without adhering to any particular creed or dogma.
  • We will facilitate classes and discussions in metaphysics, spirituality and quantum physics with an emphasis on clarifying information, promoting awareness at all levels of understanding.

About the Center

  • The Center has been created as a corporate entity.
  • We are awaiting finalization of our 501c3 not-for-profit status, expected soon.
  • Once we are adequately funded, we will lease a building to house all CIDA activities under one roof.
  • I will provide updates as they become available.
  • For now, please direct all queries regarding CIDA to Ani Avedissian using the contact information provided on this website.