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Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Paranormal Activity Specialist

Fellowship of the Reclaimed Mind

Attention all secular free-thinkers in love with cosmic creation!

If you are fed up with today's pathetic partisan merry-go-round, then find solace, sanity and superlative companionship at the Fellowship of the Reclaimed Mind.

We are a non-delusional alliance of secular free thinkers committed to restoring harmony through critical thinking and respectful discourse . . . and sharing pie.

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FORM is . . .

  • . . . an association of spiritually centered, secular free-thinkers, in love with cosmic creation
  • We are not a church, per se, but a suitable alternative for those who, finding no value in mainstream religion, wish to explore and honor the glory of Cosmic Intelligence.
  • FORM has no political affiliations.
  • We value critical thinking skills, respectful discourse, common sense, common courtesy and a ZEST FOR LIFE!


The Five "Whys" and Your Emotional Guidance System
Kris McElhinney
Animal intuitive, former professor of business at PSU

By repeatedly asking the question, "Why?" (five time seems to work very well) you can peel away the layers of symptoms thus identifying the core issues of a problem.

Spread the word because, Peeps, we need this!

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Event Details

Sunday, March 10, 2019
6:00 pm

The Crown Building
8855 SW Holly Lane*
Room 129
Wilsonville, OR 97070

*Please note that Google Maps and Mapquest do not agree on whether Holly is a "Lane" or a "Street" so you will have to adjust your navigation system accordingly.

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We're not looking for polished, professional speakers - just folks who want to restore sanity and civility to a confused and distracted community aka USA.

Whether your chosen subject is an area of expertise or just something you wish to explore further, Ani is interested in talking with you.

FORM's goal is to heighten social awareness.

Each of us has something to contribute.

Please email Ani or call her at 503-582-0954