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Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Paranormal Activity Specialist

Cosmic Conversations

A series of short, entry level presentations on popular new age subjects designed to stimulate interest and promote awareness. Informal, fun, fascinating.

Cosmic Conversations are now hosted on Zoom!

September 30, 2023
Armenian History - The Ancestry and the Mystery

The west calls it Armenia; the natives call it Hayastan. Descended from Noah's grandson, Haik, and located where east meets west, Armenian civilization has been colorful, to say the least.

Since Ani's race ancestry is Armenian, she thought it high time she shared some of her stories with us. She will discuss contributions made by Americans of Armenian ancestry and entertain you with some of the quirkier aspects of Armenian culture and possibly share an ancient folk song or two.

If you would like to learn about this obscure little nation, its resilience, its brilliance and its transilience, join Ani and the gang for an eye opening adventure. Virtual kebabs and vodka will be served.

October 28, 2023
Impressions on Past Lives Regression

Eternal life gives us the opportunity to play many characters over multiple incarnations. We are free to mix and match as we please.

Did you enjoy your life as a pirate or was it too challenging? You can try something steadier in the next life. How about a lifetime as a scribe in a grand library in some faraway exotic land?

Why do we do this? Because creation is a grand adventure and sitting on a cloud for eternity is just silly. Let's explore our past lives and see if we can trace some of our quirks to previous incarnations.

November 25, 2023
Eugenics - The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

Eugenics is the practice or advocacy of controlled selective breeding of human populations (as by sterilization) to improve the population's genetic composition.

It also is the study or practice of attempting to improve the human gene pool by encouraging the reproduction of people considered to have desirable traits and discouraging or preventing the reproduction of people considered to have undesirable traits.

Ani says, "What could possibly go wrong?"

December 23, 2023
Have a Cool Yule!

Mix your Holiday cocktail and join Ani and the Gang for some Yuletide shenanigans. No formal presentation here - just a jolly good laugh with friends.

Ani will unveil her Yuletide poem and share some Yuletide trivia.

She asks that all participants contribute something to make the evening festive. A poem? A song? A holiday recipe? A funny story? A game?

Whatever you choose, keep it light. It's been one heck of a year and we all need some mirth and merriment to counteract the mayhem.

God bless us all!

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Cosmic Conversations Details

All Conversations will be held via ZOOM on Saturday evenings from 5:00 pm - 6:45 PM Pacific Time.

$15 per person

Email Ani to register.

The registration deadline for a Cosmic Conversation is 24 hours before the event.


Credit card payments are through PayPal. Invoices will be sent prior to date of service.

When your payment is received, you will receive a confirmation link to the ZOOM meeting.

DATES - 2023

 January 28, 2023 Let's Get Spacey with Edgar Cayce
 April 29, 2023 Rocking the House with Hildy Von B and Anchorite Jay!
 May 27, 2023 Ayn Rand. Reality. Reason. Self-Interest. Capitalism.
 June 24, 2023 The Constitution of the United States of America - An Overview
 July 29, 2023 RESCHEDULED to Jan 2024 The Philosopher Plato
 August 26, 2023 Mind Control Technology and MK-Ultra
 September 30, 2023 Armenian History - The Ancestry and the Mystery
 October 28, 2023 Impressions on Past Lives Regression
 November 25, 2023 Eugenics - The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.
 December 23, 2023 Have a Cool Yule!


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