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Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Paranormal Activity Specialist

Spiritual Literacy Program

Tapping into Your Cosmic Divine Connection

Sometimes we need to go beyond the classrooms, the books and the internet. Sometimes it seems there is a maze of metaphysical mumbo-jumbo and conflicting, ego-driven agendas.

Perhaps there is a lot you understand about spirituality, healing and metaphysics but are not sure how to "connect the dots." Or, you are on a new journey of discovery and are overwhelmed by information.

Ani has a genuine desire to clarify information and share knowledge. Let her experience and expertise guide you to a deeper connection to the Cosmic Divine.

Why study with Ani Avedissian?

Mentorship is not simply a matter of information dissemination or knowledge sharing; true mentorship nudges the expanding soul back into spiritual alignment which in turn leads to the necessary state of awakening. Once awakened, we experience life from a Cosmic Divine perspective and from this vantage point, the core karmic path is revealed to us.

The goal is self-realization. Only then can we truly be of service to mankind.

Ani does not see herself as a guru, a master healer or any such thing. Simply put, she is a veteran in her field; a journeyman whose passion for and dedication to her work has resulted in a well-honed skill set and well-earned experstise.

Who is a candidate for this program?

Everyone is welcome -- novices, lay people, students, professional practitioners -- at any level.

Ani's unique approach to life, the universe, and the spaces between guarantees a jolly good time will be had by all participants; however, she does not deal in unicorns, rainbows, and well-worn platitudes. If you are looking for a false sense of comfort, this is not the program for you. If you want to expand your spiritual horizons, to learn what's true, what's woo and what gets flushed down the loo, if you favor solutions over delusions - sign on the dotted line and get ready for a wild ride into a new golden age!

This program is offered via Skype, Zoom, Telegram video or Facebook video. Where possible, in person sessions are available.

Spiritual Literacy Details

  • 10 one-on-one sessions with Ani
  • Sessions typically range 60-90 minutes.
  • If you are new to metaphysics, Ani offers a complete "Understanding Metaphysical Principles 101" curriculum.
  • For those who wish to adhere to a formal curriculum, subject material will be customized according to criteria you and Ani discuss in advance.
  • For those with a more casual approach, mentorship time can be used on an as-needed basis to explore areas of interest as they come up.
  • It is recommended, but not required, that all mentorship sessions be completed within 18 months.

Mentorship is also useful for those who are adept in their field but wish to hone their skills further. For example, Ani is an acknowledged specialist in Home and Property Clearing and very knowledgeable in all things paranormal. Professionals in these fields welcome the opportunity to work with her and gain new perspective.

Do you wish to study with a friend or form your own group?

  • If so, each additional participant receives a 50% discount.
  • We recommend you keep your group size at 4 or below.

$850 per person
Payment is due in full upon commencement of the program.

Credit card payments are through PayPal. Invoices will be sent prior to date of service.

Checks should be mailed to:
Ani Avedissian
PO Box 714
Wilsonville, OR 97070

How Do I Sign Up or Get More Information?

Individualized assessment is the key to success. If you would like to know more about a tailor-made Spiritual Literacy Program for you, email Ani . She will return your email within 48 hours and set up a time to chat by phone.

When contacting Ani for information, there is never any pressure or obligation implied.

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