Ani Avedissian

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Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Paranormal Activity Specialist

Services and Prices

For those unfamiliar with this type of work, Ani offers a ten minute phone call, at no charge, to discuss concerns and expectations. If she feels she is not a good fit for your particular set of circumstances, she reserves the right to refuse service.


Please call or email Ani to make an appointment.

Appointments via Skype, Zoom, Facebook video, and telephone are available.

House calls for all services are an option for those who prefer a non-virtual experience. If you live a reasonable distance from Wilsonville, there will be no extra charge.

Energy Work and/or Spiritual Counseling
These services can be combined.

Energy Work

First visit    (90 min) $145
Follow up   (60 min) $100
Follow up   (40 min) $65

House Calls for Energy Work and/or Spiritual Counseling

Accommodated where possible. Call or email Ani for details.

Package Deals for Energy Work and/or Spiritual Counseling

3 to 5 sessions, any combination 10% discount
6 to 9 sessions, any combination 15% discount
10+ sessions Email Ani for details.

Your package will be valid for two years from the date of purchase.

Home and Property Clearing

Please note that the following prices are approximate because each property is unique. Pricing will be discussed and agreed upon in advance. . . no surprises!

Residences $405
Small Business $405

Any type of land and property - including aquatic - can be cleared. For larger or unusual projects, call or email Ani for details. Ani will always negotiate the best possible rate for you and/or your company.

Home and Property Clearing Tuneup

This service is for those who had their homes cleared but require a little zap of revitalizion from time to time.

Residences $205
Small Business $205

Corporate, Institutional, and Bulk Sales

Greater discounts are available for those who wish to purchase in excess of 20 sessions. Please email Ani for details.

Ministerial Services

Our world is changing. People are now free to express their union with the cosmos in many and varied ways. If your belief system falls outside the confines of traditional religion yet you wish to honor your commitment with a ritual of your choosing, Ani is a licensed officiant.

Be you spiritualist or secular or anything in between, Ani will happily preside over your wedding, baptism or funeral.

The fee schedule starts at $350 and will vary according to location and duration. Ani is commited to giving her clients the best value for money. Call or write for an estimate at no obligation.

Arbitration Services

Ani's common sense approach to problem solving has helped many people find the best way forward. When tempers are high, the ego takes over.

Whether your issue is family, friends, colleagues or big business, a calm, objective arbitrator can save the day by resetting focus, taking the drama out of the event and restoring mutual respect.

Call or email Ani to discuss your needs. Fee schedule typically start at $145 per 90 minute session.

A Day with Ani

This service allows you to spend a full 8-hour day with Ani at your location with you, your friends, family or colleagues. How you choose to spend this day is up to you! Give her a call to discuss your options. Note: Divine Dollars cannot be applied to this service.

8 hour session   $950

Are You a Veteran or Active Duty Military?

If you are a veteran or active duty military you are eligible for reduced rates.

Please email Ani for details. Proof of service is required.

Payment Options

We accept cash, checks and credit cards either via PayPal or on location at time of appointment.

Home and Property Payments

For larger projects and projects requiring travel out of the Portland area, a partial advance payment may be required.

Please note that Ani's services are transferable, but NOT refundable.