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Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Paranormal Activity Specialist

Ani's Media Channels

Hey Peeps! There's something for everyone on my media channels.
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I didn't incarnate to be popular, to trend or to be fashionable.
I came down to share information that is valuable.

Water Wisdom

Are you confused by New Age terminology?

Would you like to know what's true, what's woo and what get flushed down the loo?

Let Ani Avedissian provide clarity with a dose of hilarity. In Water Wisdom, a series of short videos each lasting about three minutes, Ani hits the main points on popular New Age subjects such as Akashic Records, meditation and karma. A little intellectual stimulation without too much over-simplification. Enjoy!

Cosmic Quickies

Are you a spiritual activist with a short attention span?

Why not try a Cosmic Quickie? They're short. They're sweet. They're full of buttery goodness and, best of all, satisfaction is guaranteed in about two minutes or less.

The best cure for a world drenched in psychosis, is a good dose of working class gnosis. Send your cultural conditioning on reassignment while you explore cosmic alignment.

Does it get any better than this? I think not. Enjoy!

Zook Speaks!

Zook, a tiny pink alien, first came to planet Earth over 7,500 years ago to help build a stone circle in a land known nowadays as Armenia. Since that time, and for the sole purpose of helping humans with cosmic and spiritual alignment, he has made over fifteen trips, each visit lasting approximately two hundred years.

While he does make the odd landing on Earth's surface, mainly in Wales and Oregon, his primary objective is to orbit in his space ship, Jelly Bean, and to beam love, wisdom and compassion.

It's not always easy. Humans are certainly a stubborn race and easily distracted but he perseveres because he would love to see mankind awaken and join the Universal Fellowship of Source Aligned Planets.

He hopes you enjoy his weekly words of wisdom, guidance and inter-stellar tidbits!

Really Bad (but occasionally brilliant) Poetry from a Mad Suburban Shaman

"Really Bad (but occasionally brilliant) Poetry from a Mad Suburban Shaman" is a random collection of Ani's thoughts. What else would you expect from a sassy, straight-shooting, politically non-correct spiritual teacher?

Yes folks, after careful consideration, I have decided to share the warped contents of my creative mind with the world. Who needs Shakespeare and literary prowess when you can have Cosmic Ani and a whole lot less?

Some of my poems are serious.
Some of my poems are sassy.
Some are downright mysterious
And some are delectably classy.

I hope you enjoy my sweet medley
And take pleasure in fanciful rhymes.
I hope you don't view them as deadly
But as comments on interesting times.

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