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Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Paranormal Activity Specialist

Incense & Hocus Pocus

Using Aromatic Resins, Incense, Grasses, Herbs & Salts for Energy Clearing of People, Places and Pets

Prayer and the correct placement of intent can clear energy effectively without the use of props. So why do so many cultures burn incense during their rituals?

They do so to ground their intent on the physical realm. The smoke seals the ritual by sending our prayers up to Heaven. On other occasions, it may be used to burn up negative energies. Different materials create different vibrations and using the right combination can make a great deal of difference in the wonderful world of energy clearing.

In this workshop you will learn what type of product to use, when to use it, why to use it and how to use it safely. I will jam as much information and hands-on practice as is possible into three hours. Some of the items demonstrated during this class will be available for sale.

Energy clearing is my specialty and mixing aromatics is my passion. This class is well researched and informative. It will be of great value to any practicing light workers and medical practitioners, but, because it has a high fun value, it also is suitable for anyone with a casual interest in the subject.

NOTE: Due to the smoke factor, this class will be conducted outdoors but you will have full access to indoor facilities. Please check the local weather and dress appropriately.

Workshop Details

TBA 2023
11:00 - 2:00 pm

Address provided upon registration

FEE: $25 per person

Email Ani at OR
Call her at 503 582 0954 (voice mail) / 503 998 1237 (cell)

Space is limited. Payment will be required in advance. Your place will be confirmed once payment is received.

Credit card payments are through PayPal. Invoices will be sent prior to date of service.

Checks should be mailed to:
Ani Avedissian
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