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Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Paranormal Activity Specialist

Ego Busters! Spirit Sense is Common Sense

Groups and Private Study with Ani

If today's world seems weird and surreal,
it is because we have forgotten how to distinguish
between the illusion and what is real.
Sovereign souls cannot be manipulated.
Only those with feeble minds can be controlled and baited.
Spirit does not need a safe space. Spirit is the safe space.

Whatever you are struggling with - understanding ego programming is the answer.

However we wish to phrase it, all of mankind's problems stem from a false sense of separation from Source. There are many reasons for this, but they all lead back to the root cause-a deliberate and relentless campaign by those who run the planet to keep mankind distracted from its divine roots and cosmic potential, continually at war with itself.

There can be no permanent peace in the world until we are at peace within.

Ani's Ego Busters group seeks to change consciousness at a core level.

  • Every known metaphysical and philosophical concept will be reviewed, challenged, discussed, and contemplated.
  • Why are so many people afraid to look within and engage in self-honesty? How will we have healthy relationships with others if our own sense of self is dysfunctional?

Once we understand our true nature, pure unblemished cosmic energy having temporary individualized manifestations as humans on Earth, we can define and refine the authentic self. In other words, align our personalities with Source and turn our dystopian world into a utopian playground. Life is not about endless suffering. We are cosmic creations. We came here to expand consciousness, not to diminish it. We came to sing, not to shrink.

Understanding the ego self gives us the tools for permanent change.

It allows us to move away from the traditional self-help band-aid, new age mumbo-jumbo and shift our perception to a place where it cannot be corrupted by the propaganda machine.

This group aims to cultivate and celebrate the authentic self.

  • Do you struggle with addiction? Are you too fat or too thin?
  • Are you a procrastinator?
  • Are you suffering from depression and lack of motivation?
  • Are you stuck in past trauma?
  • Do you feel hopeless?
  • Have you slipped into victim mode?
  • Perhaps things are generally okay, but you feel two clicks left of center.

Understanding ego programming is the key that unlocks the door to personal freedom.

This is not a group for people wanting validation for their poor decisions. This is a group for people who wish to understand what blocks them from being the best version of themselves. The authentic self understands and accepts accountability.

The truth will set us free but . . . prepare for a wild and crazy ride before total liberation. Bring a sense of humor! Ani guarantees many laughs along the way.

When the Spirit inhabits the Human
All minds will be illumined

Ego Busters! Spirit Sense is Common Sense Details


  • Two sessions will be held the second and fourth Monday of each month
  • The first session is at 4:00 PM Pacific Time
  • The second session is at 7:00 PM Pacific Time
  • We hope that having two sessions on each Monday will accommodate all American time zones
  • In order to accommodate all American time zones both sessions will have the same content.
  • Sessions will be via Zoom


  • If you are unable to attend the Monday sessions and are able to form your own group of four or more people, I am open to discussing alternative scheduling.


  • Sessions will run approximately 60 minutes.
  • During these sessions, Ani will present concepts for formal study and discussion.
  • There will be plenty of time for attendees to ask questions, share concerns, ideas and so forth.
  • Ani's approach is informal and lighthearted.


  • Registration is ongoing. You may start the program at any time.
    Ego Busting does not require a traditional linear curriculum.
  • Once registered, you can attend as many sessions as you wish.
  • Audio recordings of the sessions will be available to attendees, by request, at no extra charge.


  • $50 per hour
  • . Simple concepts are not always easy to grasp. Private tuition is available for clarity, catch up and deep dives.


  • Attendees are encouraged to join my private Ego Busters social support chat Telegram channel.
  • Invitations will be sent to registered attendees only.


  • . A wide variety of materials will be presented. While there is no obligation to purchase, Ani recommends setting aside a modest sum for those that pique your interest.
  • You will need to know how to join a Zoom group.


  • $150 per year - for group sessions
  • $50 per hour - for private study


  • PayPal or check
  • When your payment is received, you will receive a confirmation link to the Zoom meetings.
  • Checks should be mailed to:
    Ani Avedissian
    PO Box 714
    Wilsonville, OR 97070


  • Email Ani to register.
  • 503-582-0954 (voice mail)
  • 503-998-1237 (cell)

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