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Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Paranormal Activity Specialist

What Happens During a Home and Property Clearing?

Watch my Home and Property Clearing description on YouTube, Bitchute, and Rumble!

Balance and Harmony Are Restored from the Beginning of Time . . .
For any type of property -- not just homes and businesses

Whether Ani clears your property on location or remotely, be assured there is no difference in efficacy.

Time and space are collapsed during these clearings and the entire area is cleansed and purified from the point of its creation to the present time.

Anything that was ever done by anyone at any time for whatever reason that could be considered less than loving and holy, no matter how grievous, is unconditionally forgiven.

Once the land has been cleansed and purified, present time is restored and the space is vitalized and stabilized for the highest good of all. Everyone who enters a cleared space will benefit from the experience.

For the most part the work is done quietly and prayerfully. However, I use beautiful ancient chants and tones throughout the process. If I am at your location, I will ask your permission to burn high quality aromatic resins upon completion. It is a personal preference when sealing the healing. It won't impact the outcome if you decline.

I will answer all and any questions you may have and, if requested, give you a complete evaluation upon completion.

This type of work is my specialty. You will feel the difference!

Why Do I Need a Home and Property Clearing?

People request this type of clearing for many reasons. Here are just a few examples:

  • Relationship issues within families or the workplace
  • Divorce
  • Empty nest
  • A death on the premises
  • Serious and/or sudden illness explained or unexplained
  • Sudden changes in behavior by people or animals
  • Property is up for sale and needs clear energy to attract new home owner
  • Just moved into a new home or rental and need to clear out previous occupant’s energy
  • Evidence of paranormal activity -- unexplained phenomena, noises, apparitions, smells, etc.
  • Business needs to attract new customers
  • Ongoing insomnia
  • During demolition and construction
  • Something just doesn’t feel right . . .
  • I just need a fresh start!

If you feel you need a clearing but all this is new and perhaps a bit strange for you, feel free to send me an email or leave a voice mail and I will be happy to chat with you and see if this is the right course of action for your situation.

Professional realtors! -- Home and Property Clearing is an essential addition to your skill set. Contact Ani and ask about private and group classes tailored for your specialization.

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